Down Converter, 6430 ... 7130 MHz


Working range of the KU LNC 6471 C PRO is the frequency range 6430 to 7130 MHz. The standard IF range is 200 to 900 MHz. Due to four configurable oscillator frequencies the down converter can be used with different receivers. An additional user defineable oscillator frequency solves special requirements on the IF range. For more flexibility the gain of the down converter is setable in two steps. The KU LNC 6471 C PRO comes in a rugged milled aluminium. The down converter is water resistant and ready for outdoor use. For tower mount application a suitable mounting clamp is available.

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Frequency range (RF) 6430..7130 MHz
Maximum input power 1 mW (0dBm)
Frequency range (IF) 200..900 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °C typ. 1.5 dB, max. 1.8 dB
Gain @ 25 °C typ. 31 dB
Output IP3 22 dBm
LO accuracy @ 18 °C +/- 2 ppm
LO frequency stability +/- 3 ppm
Supply voltage +9 ... +36 V DC
Current consumption typ. 250 mA @ 12V DC
Maximum case temperature +55 °C
Protection class IP67
Dimensions (mm) 82 x 64 x 22
Weight 230 g

    Product Applications

  • Secure Communications
  • Point-to-point Communications
  • Repeaters, extenders and boosters
  • Point-to-multipoint Communications
  • Low probability of interception
  • Broadcast
  • Digital
  • Satellite news gathering
  • Wireless backhaul

    Design Features

  • Low noise figure
    Large bandwidth
    Low phase noise oscillator
    High frequency stability of the oscillator
    High linearity
    Antenna port protected against static discharge
    Small and light-weight to allow easy pole mounting
    Tri-colour LED indicates unit status and gain mode setting
    Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection
    Remote power supply via output connector
    switchable gain
    switchable local oscillator frequencies
    normal or reverse output spectrum selectable
    IP67 protection class